You might want to know if other readers like the book before you buy it. Well, the reviews are starting to come in ... here are some of my favourite bits:

Lilac in Black and White:
  • "My ten year old daughter devoured this book"
  • "a book that can capture and engage a reader with such empathy"
  • "Very well written, a delight."
  • "Amazing a very realistic and creative book" (that one's directly from a 9-year-old)
  • Such a lovely book.  [...] What I most appreciated about this book was the level at which it was pitched, the language is reasonably complex, and the story-line is engaging. I have found that some other books pitched to this age group are candyfloss, this is a rich chocolate.

I promise those are all true reviews from real people. Also my 10-year-old son really likes it, but that might be considered cheating.

If you'd like to leave me a review, here are a few suggestions for good places to put one:



If you are - or you have access to - a primary-school student in Ireland, these are two sites where they can post book reviews. It would be really lovely for Lilac to get some reviews there, to help other people find out about her.

The Primary Planet Book Reviews 

Libraries Ireland Book Reviews 

And of course, tell your friends! You can even tell your enemies too. Don't keep it to yourself!

And if you want to drop me a line or leave me a comment here to let me know about the review, or to send me your review for me to post here on the blog, that would be lovely too - otherwise I might never know to say thank you very much!

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