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Book One: Lilac in Black and White

You can now buy Lilac in Black and White online as a physical book or as an ebook, all over the world.

For the print edition or a Kindle ebook, go to Amazon - here in the US or this one for the UK and Ireland.

(When you buy the print version, you get the ebook free, thanks to the Amazon matchbook program.)

The book is also available worldwide from The Book Depository. They have free shipping worldwide!

For any other ebook format, such as an ebook for the Nook or your iPad, or a simple online reader, you can go to Smashwords.

Book Two: Lilac in Scarlet

For the print book or the ebook for Kindle, go to your local Amazon site.
Amazon USA
Amazon UK (and Ireland)

It's also available from The Book Depository, with free shipping wherever you are.

For the ebook in all other formats, go to Smashwords.

Book Three: Lilac Blue

Print book on

Kindle book on

Print book on
Kindle book on

Smashwords for all ebook versions.

If you have trouble buying them, drop me a line at and I'll see you right.

And if you like the books, tell your friends - and make the author really happy by leaving a quick reader review on Amazon or Smashwords, or on Good Reads, so that others can find them and enjoy them too.

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