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Lilac in Black and White by Christine Doran (cover image with text and penguin)

BOOK ONE is called Lilac in Black and White. You can buy it from Amazon as a physical book or a Kindle ebook, and in various other ebook formats from Smashwords. (The ebook is nice, but the print edition is nicer. It has different fonts for Lilac and Margery's letters to each other, and a smooth puple cover, and that lovely new-book smell.) 

Here's the lowdown:

‘Are we really going to do this?’ Lilac asked, the full reality of what they were planning hitting her for the first time.
‘Which one?’ said Agatha in a low voice.
Lilac surveyed the birds. As usual, they were loitering in small groups, looking like fat waiters waiting for the dinner rush to start.
But Agatha –’ Lilac began, as Agatha reached down and made a grab for the penguin, who was still following the sharp fishy smell of the anchovy, ‘– wait, don’t…’

Lilac McCarthy lives in a tall house by the Irish sea with a father who paints pictures, a mother who writes books, and a very bouncy dog called Guzzler. Her best friend is moving to Canada, her babysitter uses words she doesn’t understand, and the new girl in school is fascinating but a bit odd. When Lilac’s class goes on a trip to the local aquarium, Lilac decides the penguins are in peril, and hatches a madcap plan to save them.

Lilac in Black and White is a delightful tale of (mostly) realistic adventure for readers of 9 to 12, or anyone who loves a view of the Irish sea.

BOOK TWOLilac in Scarlet, continues the story of what happened to Lilac for the rest of the year. It's now available in print and as an ebook.

Here's the back-cover blurb for Lilac in Scarlet:

The bishop looked all cross and muttered ‘What? What?’ and he shouted ‘LILAC SHROVE?’ as if he had never heard of either of those names in his life. And not as if he felt they were both beautiful names that he’d just never thought of before, either. I nodded and he went really purple and said, very slowly, ‘Shrove is not the name of a saint.’ I was scarlet.

Sometimes Lilac feels as if she spends her life going from one mortifying event to the next, with barely a pause between. Even things that are meant to be fun, like her birthday party, end up turning her pink with embarrassment.

But there’s a mystery to solve and a burglar to catch, not to mention her teacher’s wedding to plan. Can Lilac and her friends (and ever-faithful Guzzler the dog) take control of the situation and save the day? Or will Lilac be scarlet once again?


As for BOOK THREE - well, I can tell you that it's called Lilac Blue and the first draft is almost done. Send chocolate and keep checking the blog for more updates, cutting-room floor snippets you won't read anywhere else, and sneak peeks!

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