Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lilac in Scarlet on sale now

It's here! You can now buy Lilac in Scarlet from all the same great sources that already stock Lilac in Black and White. (At least, from Amazon. A few of the others might take a little longer.)

In the USA, it's $8.99 on Amazon.com.

In Ireland and the UK it's 8.37 euros or 7.02 sterling from Amazon.co.uk.

Anywhere else in the world it should be at your local Amazon too.

(Yes, that's a little more than the first book, but that's because it's longer. More words for your money!)

You can buy the Kindle edition for $1.99 from Amazon at the links above (and it comes free when you buy a print copy) or in all sorts of other ebook formats from Smashwords.

Two-thirds of a trilogy right here

And of course, if you love it, please leave a review, on Amazon or GoodReads or wherever you like best.

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