Monday, November 21, 2016

From the cutting room floor ... of Lilac BOOK TWO!

I know it's been quiet around here, but I'm busy working on the second book. It's called Lilac in Scarlet, and I'm really quite excited about getting it ready to print as soon as I can. (Probably not in time for Christmas, though.)

In the meantime, here's a little teaser fresh from the cutting room floor. Margery is still in Canada, sometimes Lilac thinks that feels like so far away that it might as well not be a real place...


I am reading Anne of Green Gables. I know you read it last year and you said I should but I never do anything people tell me to. But now I am, and did you know she lives in Canada? It’s not where I am in Canada, in Ontario, but she lives in Prince Edward Island which is off the coast. On one side or the other, I’m not sure exactly. Isn’t that amazing? I love it. If I was Anne you could be Diana.

 Love from your kindred spirit, Margery

Lilac read this and thought there were so many things wrong about it that she wanted to get a red pen and correct it, the way Miss Grey would correct mistakes in her Irish homework, with lots of big circles and explaining notes. For one thing, of course Margery should have read it ages ago like Lilac told her to. For another, Anne didn’t live in Canada. She lived on Prince Edward Island which was part of . . . part of . . . England, somewhere. It was an imaginary place, probably, Lilac thought. Not Canada, anyway. Nobody spoke French in it, for one thing, and Margery said all the signs in Canada are in English and French. And most importantly, Lilac couldn’t be Diana. If anyone’s going to be Diana around here, Lilac said to herself, it’s Margery. Or maybe Agatha. But she herself, Lilac, would definitely, positively, always, be Anne-with-an-e. Anyone could see that. 

She went to commune with Guzzler for a while. Guzzler never implied that other people had no imagination. (Diana had no imagination.) Imagination was one of Lilac’s special things. That’s how she was most like Anne. That and the freckles.

A little while later, she started a letter back to Margery. 

I’m glad you are finally reading Anne of Green Gables. I don’t think it’s really in Canada. It doesn’t sound anything like where you are. They have farms and the sea and they drive buggies with horses. It’s in the olden days. I don’t think it’s in a real place at all, just Olden Days.
Do people in books even live in real places? Nobody in books I read ever lives in Dublin, or even Cork, or anywhere I’ve been to. And I know you said Anne of Green Gables lived in Canada, but she was pretend, so how could she have lived anywhere? 

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