Friday, August 19, 2016

A real book

The print version of the book is NOW AVAILABLE from Amazon in the US and the UK and every other Amazon there is, I think. It costs $7.99 in the US and the same in euros (I think), and 6.15 in sterling.

While the ebook is very handy for your holiday reading, and costs less, I know that most 9-12-year-old readers would probably be better off with a real book. Besides which, it's nice to hold in your hands. The cover is a lovely smooth, matte, dark purple, and it has fun things like different fonts for Lilac and her friend Margery's letters to each other, which I just couldn't make show up the same way in the electronic version.

And don't forget, if you've read it and enjoyed it, it would make the author very happy if you'd take a moment to leave a review on Amazon (any Amazon will do; except the river, I suppose).

Buy Lilac in Black and White on
Buy Lilac in Black and White on

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