Monday, May 30, 2016

Evolution of an ebook cover

The cover art isn't ready yet, but I'm dying to get on with publicising - and publishing - the book! So here's a little teaser - some of the preliminary sketches for the cover...

These were the first two ideas I sent to the designer. (NB: I am not an artist, and in spite of Oliver Jeffers I've no idea how to draw a penguin. That's why I'm employing someone else to do this part for me.)

I thought a little penguin and lots of white space might be cute. 

But I also thought maybe a picture of two girls with a penguin could work.

 My illustrator sent back these, going with the penguin theme. I loved the penguin, but then I thought maybe the script-y writing might be a little hard to read. And I suggested a lilac background colour.

This was the first colour version. Isn't it gorgeous? I loved the rainbow title with the strong, straight letters. But then I thought - what if people think it's a book about a penguin? It's certainly starting to look that way. We needed to get the girls back in there somewhere.

So the girls went back in, but trying not to take focus off the cute penguin. I loved this at first glance - I thought we were done. But my kids took a look and said that it didn't look like a book for the right age group, and I realised that the shadows look like younger children. So it's once more back to the drawing board for my long-suffering artist. I hope I pay her well.

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  1. How exciting! And gorgeous. Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!